Friday, September 22, 2006

3.3 million-year-old girl fossil

"The new bones belong to a three year old girl who lived 3.3 million years ago -- 150,000 years before Lucy,"

Here is an interesting comment.

"Evidence indicates that she probably died in a flood from the nearby Awash river,"

Hmmm Noah's flood perhaps?

They always say how old these bones are and that they are the oldest ever but I would say the ones they find in coal or rock would be older. If the bones they find in coal/rock are fake (which some argue) what about man made objects found there?

I think they don't mention these because they are clearly human or man made and that messes up their "only found in text books" strata layers/time table.

The article ends with another curious statement.

"On the shores of what was formerly a lake in 1967, two Homo sapiens skulls dating back 195,000 years were unearthed. The find pushed back the known date of mankind, suggesting that modern man and his older precursor existed side by side."

In other words Man and ape have always lived side by side one did not evolve one from the other,


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