Tuesday, January 03, 2006


This link takes you to a interesting gif animation page.
The animation is a frame by frame "stabilized" version of the Patterson-Bigfoot footage.
I like how Mr. Davis leaves the previous frame visible so you can see how much the camera jerked around while he has centered Bigfoot.

I do not know if Bigfoot is real or not but I like to think maybe they are out there, just to spite the scientific know it alls who think they have everything all figured out.

My wife's Uncle tells this story as true.

A coworker of his lived in southern Indiana next to a big state forest. One day while walking through the woods he came across corn stalks jammed altogether in a tree. Finding this curious, being so deep in the woods and not next to a stream, he began to pull the stalks out of the tree. He says he perceived it to be some sort of nest or something but thought little of it until the next morning.

The next morning he found several good sized trees had been pulled up from the yard, roots and all, and piled on his porch.
Bigfoot type tracks were found about the property as well. The man says he got the message loud and clear. "Don't mess with my house and I won't mess with yours".

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