Friday, January 06, 2006

Track your kids!

If I lost track of one of my kids I would do what ever it took to find them but I do think we are being desensitized.

The link at the bottom is for a phone that will show you where your kids are through a GPS type device in a phone called LBS Location-Based-Services. It says it is accurate to with in 300 feet and triangulates in less than a minute. For details on the phone please see the link.

I just think I see it leading to chipping your kids at infancy and then they have zero privacy their whole life. Some may think this is all well and good but knowing what the Bible says about the mark of the beast and buying and selling I think we are seriously laying the ground work for the antichrist.

Think about it.

The Bible says people will worship him as god. Today we are laying the foundation for his fake omnipotence.

In the future people who don't even know they are chipped or tracked being told where they were and what they bought, a fake Christ indeed.

Jesus demonstrated His Godhood with prophecies and ability to tell people things only God could know (Think woman at the well and Nathan).

Now Satan and his man could fake this and maybe deceive even the elect.

If they wanted to they could follow me home most days with just watching my debit transactions because I cant pass a gas station with gas $2.50 a gallon.

We need to proceed with caution and with our eyes wide open.
For boys sake I hope it comes in more colors than pink.

Link (I added the 666 on the watch)

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