Friday, January 20, 2006

Jack Chick

One of the things that helped show me my sinfulness and need for the Savior, Jesus Christ, was "Chick Tracts".

They are written by Jack Chick and you can view his tracks online. The link at the bottom takes you to the most popular one of his tracts and the one that spoke to me.

If you google "Jack Chick" it is interesting to see how many hates sites there are against him and his ministry.
The devil hates the effective witness.

It seems many despise him yet collect his work though. Hate him yet drawn to it. Interesting.

Old tracts are even bought and sold on ebay as collector items.
I do have favorites of his that I find myself holding on to (Like "The Beast") but then I feel guilty for hanging on to the life saving Gospel and seek to give it away.

If it takes awhile to load the page and you have never seen one of these tracts before, take the time and wait for it to load, please. If english is not your first language, they have them in others as well.


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