Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dinosaurs Don't Have Feathers

Evolutionists found a dinosaur that they thought should have feathers.

Their thinking is that the dinosaurs became birds and flew away (see Jurassic Park).

The biggest and heaviest animals became some of the smallest a light weight animals! Good theory.

Anyway here are some of their excuses for this dinosaur not having any feathers.

"There are a number of possible explanations for Juravenator's nakedness. Feathers could have been lost on the evolutionary line leading to Juravenator after arising in an ancestor to both it and its feathered relatives.

It is also possible that this particular fossil of Juravenator, which appears to be a juvenile, only grew feathers as an adult or lost its feathers for part of the year.

It is entirely possible that Juravenator did have feathers, but they simply failed to fossilize.

Whether or not the new specimen raises interesting questions about how feathers -- and thus birds -- evolved, most experts do not see it as a challenge to the widely accepted view that modern birds are descended from dinosaurs."

I know maybe dinosaurs didn't become birds, birds are a different kind than dinosaurs (four footed beasts).
They start out with the faulty presumptions that we all come from a rock that was rained on for millions of years and have to have common ancestor.

Well once again evolution is startlingly let down by the fossil record.

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