Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Total Solar Eclipse

When the moon passes in front of the sun and blocks it completely—it is a total eclipse.

To see a total solar eclipse, you have to be in just the right spot on the earth.

When you look up in the sky at the sun and the moon, you notice a strange coincidence—both look the same size in the sky.

Now, they're not really the same size.

The sun's diameter is actually 400 times the moon's diameter. But, you must also take into account that the sun is also 400 times further away from the earth, reducing its apparent size to the same as the moon's.

It is thought that Earth is the only planet in the universe that this would occur.

Because we can view total eclipses we can study the Sun's corona and other things that we otherwise would not be able to. is like it designed that way.


Pictures of a solar eclipse as seen from space. Here and Here.

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