Monday, February 13, 2006

Earliest Christian Church Discovered

-- The New York Times reported Nov. 7 that prisoners digging foundations for the expansion of Megiddo Prison north of Jerusalem in the Valley of Armageddon uncovered ruins of what might be the earliest Christian church discovered in the Holy Land.

Intricate mosaics dating to the third century A.D. bear inscriptions in Greek. The Israel Antiquities Authority has preliminarily rendered the translation of one inscription as reading, “The God-loving Aketous has offered this table to the God Jesus Christ, as a memorial.”

This is evidence that Jesus as God, is no legend that evolved over long periods of time. There is no time for it to happen. This dates back to when people where alive who saw Jesus and could have refuted this claim of Jesus being God but they didn't.

Follow the evidence to where it leads.


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