Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Real Evolution?

"TUCUMCARI, N.M. -- This photo provided by rancher Shane Jennings shows a 5-legged, 6-hooved calf. The calf, a Limousin heifer owned by Orlando Romero of Sapello, N.M., was delivered naturally and is in otherwise good physical condition. (05/19/05 AP Photo/Shane Jennings)"

Is this evolution?

An extra leg, isn't this what evolutionists are looking for?

Do you think this cow runs faster than other cows making it harder for the rancher to catch and sell, evolving?

No, we call this sort of thing a deformity. Notice my above quote says "and is in otherwise good physical condition", implying this extra leg and hoof is more likely a detriment to it than a help.

Evolution is looking for new information to be added. The information for a leg and hoof are already in its DNA it just made extra, no new information just mixed up information.

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