Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Goliath of Gath

Archeologists have found an inscriptions that again proves the Bible to be accurate in its history.

Written in archaic "Proto-Canaanite" letters, the inscription found on the
sherd, dating to the 10th or early 9th century BCE, contains two non-Semitic
names: Alwt and Wlt.

"It can be suggested that in 10th-9th century Philistine Gath, names quite
similar, and possibly identical, to Goliath were in use," says Prof. Maeir.
"This chronological context from which the inscription was found is only
about 100 years after the time of David according to the standard biblical

Thus, this appears to provide evidence that the biblical story of Goliath is, in fact, based on a clear cultural realia from, more or less, the time which is depicted in the biblical text, and recent attempts to claim that Goliath can only be understood in the context of later phases of the Iron Age are unwarranted."

"This inscription supports the Bible, not with a direct identification of Goliath, but in its historical and linguistic background," Mykytiuk said.

Just as Sir William Ramsey found out, the more you test the Bible the more it proves itself.


Actual sherd in bottom right of picture.

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