Thursday, February 16, 2006


"He's fat, ugly and poisonous -- and he's mutating. He's the cane toad (Bufo marinus), a species which was introduced into the Australian state of Queensland 70 years ago to tackle insect pests in canefields and has since become an ecological catastrophe."

Apparently the first frogs to reach the town of Darwin have longer legs than the slower ones.

"The case is being seen as a classic example of Darwinian evolution -- animals that are stronger, faster or smarter are able to stake out new territory and defend it against those that are weaker, slower or less astute."

"The reason: with longer legs, the mutating species is able to travel further, faster."

This is not evolution its micro evolution also know as change within a species.

Evolutionist are always citing changes within a species (micro evolution) as evolution or macro evolution.

Its the old bait and switch tactic. Cite a variance or change within a species as evolution so we will swallow the lie the frogs become birds.

It can have longer legs, jump farther, turn its eyes blue, and get super webs between its toes all of which are variances of what it has always had.

When it grows wings and begins to fly - Some "new information" thats darwinian evolution.

A frog with longer legs is still a frog. Thats not evolution.


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Anonymous said...

I agree the media and "science" want to try and keep up blinded by making sweeping statments that a species evolved from something else. I read the story and thought that they were making some broad statements about how the frog has evolved making it sound like it has evolved into something other than a frog.