Wednesday, November 16, 2005


C. SHILLING claims to have been working at a dig near Bam, Iran after an earthquake in 2003 decimated much of the area.

When a strange thing happened.

While having dinner in one of the dozens of small cafes in Bam, I was approached by the father of a young local boy, who claimed to have found something in the mountains that he wanted to tell me about.

The boy showed him a skeleton that had been exposed by the quake.

You can see in the photograph the immense size of the creature's ribs and vertebrae in comparison with my small figure, and this is just a small section of the fossil, which stretches a great distance in either direction (possibly hundreds of feet long total). I am standing close to what I believe to be the head of the creature, with the rib cage extending dozens of feet beyond the photograph and into the bare rock. I cannot even begin to speculate on the size of this creature.

I don't know if tis is a scam or not but there seems to have been some big critters on the Earth.

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