Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kansas Evolution

Kansas took a big step ahead of the other 50 states with a new public standard for public schools concerning evolution.
The new public school standards include several specific challenges to evolution, including statements that there is a lack of evidence or natural explanation for the genetic code, charges that fossil records are inconsistent with evolutionary theory, and a statement that says certain evolutionary explanations "are not based on direct observations ... and often reflect ... inferences from indirect or circumstantial evidence."

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It is interesting that evolutionists are afraid of the scientific method.

Here is another quote:
Critics said the standards go farther than any other state to date in opening up evolutionary principles to criticism,

And another: Kansas State Board of Education on a 6-4 vote approved a new set of science standards that question the veracity of evolution theory.

Evolution is just a theory and should be tested and proven, right? Isn't that science? Testing and proving theories. Isn't that what being critical of something does?

If it is not to be questioned then evolution is not science but a faith and a sad hopeless one at that.

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