Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Seeing Sound?

I found an interesting picture on the web. (See right)

This face is supposed to be viewable with a spectrograph program. A spectrograph basically visualizes the sound spectrum.

This link describes how it was found but to cut to the chase here is the story.

Apparently images have been hidden in songs (and what else?) the above link has more pictures than this one.

I post this for a few of reasons.

1. Its pretty strange.

2. The book and movie "Contact" by Carl Sagan are among my favorites. I am a staunch creationist but I find this book/movie intriguing and honest. At the end of the book Sagan can't make others believe him and in my words (Its been awhile since I've read it or seen the movie) admits evolution and billions of years is his faith not fact. Anyway the "aliens" send an audio message that they find to contain a picture and in that a deeper picture.

3. I found the reference to images in sound in Contact interesting because I heard Kent Hovind muse about seeing sound in Heaven. I do not know if he does so in his current seminar but in a older one he did. Link

What will our eyes see?

No wonder it was hard for Biblical authors to put Heaven into words.


Me said...

So are you saying that if I turn on my favorite CD and have this spectogram on I can "see" hidden pictures. Kind of like the subliminal messages hidden in the movie previews (ie buy popcorn? Is this legal?

Brian said...

The linked story makes it sound as though the ones that they have found are put there puposefully.

As far as the legality goes they could just say "we didn't know it was there" or something. The same way they do on back masking.

I personally think the thought of seeing sound is neat but everything under the sun can and will be used against us in the Devils attacks. (i.e. buy popcorn now!)