Thursday, December 08, 2005

1895 Test

The Salina Journal, says this test has been authenticated, as best as possible, to be a true 8th grade final exam from the year 1895, suggesting the sophistication of education in those days.

I head Dr. D James Kennedy read a similar test, as a college test, showing how smart "they" were back then. After feeling comparatively silly he went on to reveal that it was an 8th grade test. Silly is not the word, cheated maybe?

So much for us being the intelligent ones.


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Emmalea Butler said...

If the test saddens you, I have often heard individuals say that they think they were born in the wrong era. Perhaps again, it it really God nudging us to use the brain HE gave us --- and seek knowledge. We have suffer from brain lathargy and still brag on our inteligence. Need another wordly proof? Watch Jay Walking on the Tonight Show. (sad)