Monday, December 05, 2005


Here is a site that compares the price per gallon of different liquids.

It is a little dated because it has the price of gas at an mouth watering $1.39!

I have heard this argument before. "Be glad you car doesn't run on Starbucks coffee."

Well my car doesn't run on Starbucks coffee it runs on gas but if I had my way it would run on water.

Link here.


Me said...

I hear there are some crazy people out there who are actually trying to brew ethanol in their garage. Have you got any info on that?

Brian said...

Yes! Maybe I will post on it in the future. One comment though, it is not as easy on economical as they make it sound.

Anonymous said...

You have a neat blog here. I have a site on coffee grinders that you may be interested in linking to.