Friday, December 16, 2005

What are the odds of dying?

History tell us 100%. One out of one die.

But this web page was prepared in response to frequent inquiries, especially from the media, asking questions such as, "What are the odds of being killed by lightning?" or "What are the chances of dying in a plane crash?"

For example, referring to the first line of the table:
▪ The odds of dying from an injury in 2002 were 1 in 1,755.
▪ The lifetime odds of dying from an injury for a person born in 2002 were 1 in 23.

Time is short and death is sure.
All Christians need to increase our witness for Jesus.


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Scott Henry said...

Something that jumped out at me from this list was the number of people committing suicide in 2002: 31,655!

In fact, people were more likely to turn a gun on themselves (17,108) than they were to shoot someone else (11,829).

Wow, that speaks volumes, does it not? Evidently there are hordes of people out there who feel they are without hope. Truly, they need to be introduced to the one true Hope of the world, Jesus Christ the Savior.