Saturday, December 17, 2005


My kids and I found these when we were at a gem and mineral show a few years ago.

They are a small but incredibly strong magnet. Strong enough that you can put one on top of a table and move it from under neath. (Like mental powers... ohhh..ahh).

You can also stick them on your face and ears like piercing’s.
My son once put them on his ears and his Grandmother thought he had pierced his ears! Great fun to watch the disapproving scowls.

Must be a boy thing though, because my wife and daughter don’t see the fascination of them.

It is probably the best four or five dollars I’ve spent per fun value.

To tell you how strong they are read the disclaimer for the big one at the bottom of the page.
I believe it too, because you do not pull the little ones apart, you slide them. Iif you let them snap they can pinch you.


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Megan Butler said...

I like the magnets too! :)