Friday, December 16, 2005


I found this story at this link.

This link is an interview with British biologist Richard Dawkins who has made a name for himself defending evolution and fighting what he sees as religiously motivated attacks on science.

When asked what he wished people to believe, he answered.

I would want them to believe whatever evidence leads them to; I would want them to look at the evidence, judge it on its merits, not accept things because of internal revelation or faith, but purely on the basis of evidence.

This is what I wish everyone would do, follow the evidence. That is my intent and why I named my blog Evidence, I want to point out some of the evidence that leads to God. Christians should not fear science. If the science is good and right it will harmonize with the Bible.

God wants all men to find Him. He has made contact with each one of us and we either seek Him further or run from Him. I heard it put this way; God plays chess. God moves; then you move; and then God moves. Never out of turn. Heres how it worked with me.

God = Stars.
Me = Who made the stars?
God = Conscience.
Me = Why do I feel bad when I do wrong?
God = Bible.
Me = How do I know its from God?
God = Prophecy.
Me = Why Jesus?
God = You can’t save yourself.
Me = Im a good person.
God = Bible, Conscience, and my actions.
Me = I can’t save myself!
God = Bible, Preachers and tracts. Jesus can save you.
Me = Please!

A shortened, simplified version but as I responded (moved) God moved, leading me to Him.
Seek-find, knock-opened.


Dear readers, if you find good evidence sites and stories pass them on so I can post them along with other interesting stories and fun along the way.

And read the above link to help motivate you to share your faith before evolution destroys other's faith. Because Richard Dawkins said “My personal feeling is that understanding evolution led me to atheism.”.

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