Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mayan Art Found

In a tunnel deep in Guatemala's northern jungle, archaeologists have uncovered the final and most elaborate wall of a 2000-year-old Mayan mural.

Its finder has likened it to the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. Archaeologist William Saturno, of the University of New Hampshire, discovered the sacred mural in the ruins of the city of San Bartolo in 2001, and this year he excavated the "crown jewel" of the painting.

Apparently Men weren't as uncultured or unadvanced, as evolution wants us to believe.
They build buildings that are so tightly fit together that we scratch our heads and wonder how.
Their calendars were so accurate it took us a good while to catch up.
They were known as mathematicians and astronomers.
And now artisans.

Wow! We have evolved so much.

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I will post in the future a curious wall drawing of a Mayan machine.

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Anonymous said...

Your comment about evolution is incorrect. If there is one thing that most scientists will promote is the idea that humans in the past were no less intelligent than we are now. Past humans = to modern humans in intelligence, we just have a bigger base of knowledge (a result of living after all the discoveries).