Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Secret Chambers in the Rockies

I love stories like this.

Years ago a boy was shown a cave/grave by his friend an indian boy.
The cave turns out not to be an indian burial ground but a european one with its occupants red and blonde haired giants.

"Nearby lay two large stone coffins. Opening them both, he found they contained mummified human remains. One body allegedly had red hair with skin still attached to its bones, while the other was blond. The mummies were excessively large, he guessed some nine feet (!) in length. In removing the coffin lids, he noticed that the mummies were covered with a straw "like cloth." He removed the straw only from the the heads of the mummies to reveal their crown and breastplates. Shields and a sword were among other artifacts scattered about the tomb."

They have not made its location known because "experts" say its a hoax.
Scientists do not like it when things do not fit neatly where they should.

Shouldn't evidence drive you to conclusions not that your conclusions eliminates the evidence?

This particular find seems Mormon driven and if this were the only one like it I would not post it.
But there are several other finds like this one and I hope to post links to them in the future.


Me said...

Just a thought, but if these are skeletons of people who were supposed to be 9 feet tall they seem to big in this picture. I would have to agree that this may be hoax. Interesting though.

Brian said...

This photo has nothing to do with the linked story. I choose it because it contained giant looking skeletons and I could put my head on the guy in the back ground. Sorry for the confusion.

Martin said...

It's interesting to read that..